California pop

Sometimes I forget how many people live in California.

The California Budget Project's recent paper Planning for California's Future: The State's Population Is Growing, Aging, and Becoming More Diverse included this chart that highlights the size of CA's general ethnic groups.

Ca Pop Table

Obviously, all states aren't listed above, nor does this list include every state with a population larger than New Mexico's. For a complete list the of populations in all states and territories consult this wikipedia page.

Looking at these figures I wonder how much attention, say, the people of Ohio will get from Presidential canidates this fall versus the time that will be spent courting Latinos in California. I guess that's why, despite what we saw in 2000, neither Dems or the GOP are really interested in direct national elections; it's easier for both sides to focus on slivers of fractions of counties in a handful of states, rather building a platform that appeals to the true majority.

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