Want to grow up to be, be a debater

At last night's presidential debate Sen. McCain suggested that Sen. Obama lacked an understanding of some aspect of foreign policy (eight times). Highlighting Obama’s relative inexperience is fair, but I didn’t appreciate the patronizing way he did it.

Obama did call McCain’s judgment into question several times, but I would like to see these qualities–-experience v. judgment-–put in even bolder relief. Most of what's discussed during a campaign isn't relevant to how someone would govern. Even when the issues are covered, I have to remind myself that a President doesn't make law, Congress does. Despite the popular 'decider' model of leadership, most of what a President accomplishes will be achieved through delegation. In general, I want a President who will appoint and surround him/herself with smart, capable people and posses the ability to synthesize wise top-level decisions. That trait (and the candidate’s jumpshot) will be my key considerations this November.

McCain's VP pick seems politically advantageous (for now) but hardly wise. If anything, he's putting his political aspiration's in front of the country's potential well-being.

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Read the transcript or watch the video from the Friday, 9/26/08 debate.
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This map from NPR is my favorite toy of the election season. It allows you to allocate electorial votes as you wish. Have a scenario in mind? If the McCain takes FLA and PN, what would Obama need to still reach 270? A blue OH, MI, and CO might do it. Check it out... I find it strangely therapeutic.
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Pixies' Debaser, featuring the lyric, "want to grow up to be, be a debaser."

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