SF Builder

The current issue of Stop Smiling Magazine features an article about a self-taught architect from the Mission District, Timothy Ludwig Pflueger (1892-1946).

Like Chicago after the great fire of 1871, San Francisco was rebuilt from the ground up in the months and years following the devastating earthquake of 1906.... Influenced by Mayan and Asian art, as well as the early modern architects of his generation, Pflueger came to define excellence in San Franciscan Art Deco. His first job was at a picture-framing shop, but just as the construction boom was getting underway, he got a lucky start as a draftsman right out of high school.

Eventually he led many significant projects in the Bay Area, including Pacific Telephone & Telegraph Tower, the I. Magnin store (now Macy’s), the Castro Theatre, the Paramount (in Oakland), plus a variety of homes, schools, and cocktail lounges.

Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Tower

115 Sansome Street

Cirque Lounge (formerly part of the Fairmount Hotel)

Paramount Theatre

Paramount Theatre

Pflueger's work has been compiled in Art Deco San Francisco.


Sam said...

I thought he was from Potrero, not the Mission?

Andy Joe said...

Good catch, Sam. Per wikipedia, he was born in Potrero Hill, and his family later moved to 1015 Guerrero Street in the Mission District.