Thao at The Rumpus

Last week I attended the first of what's promised to be monthly events for The Rumpus, a website focused on culture and based in San Francisco. The entertainment included readings of prose and poetry, animated film, and musical performances. Thao Nguyen's 3-song set was the highpoint for me. Her guitar playing is dexteritous and percussive, and its upbeat feel provides a compelling balance to her sometimes somber lyrics.

"beat my brow, beat my chest, beat the ones who love me the best"

Check out the beatbox intro...

"as sharp as I sting, as sharp as I sing, it still sooths you, doesn't it, like a lick of ice cream"

Thao often plays with The Get Down Stay Down; visit them on MySpace, if so inclined.

Studio 360 conducted this interview with Thao and her mom in Arlington, VA.

You should be able to learn of future Rumpus events here.

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