Kodachrome 2010, a short film describing the product's final days, explains why the film has such a distinctive look.

KODACHROME 2010 from Xander Robin on Vimeo. via Laughing Squid

I'm late to Kodachrome's farewell (manufacturing ceased in 2009 and processing ended in 2010), but coming across this short documentary seemed like reason enough to pull together a few snaps and other links.

credit: Ansel Adams via Fortune

credit: George Eastman House via The Atlantic

credit: unknown via Vintage Everyday

credit: unknown via Grapehouse

credit: Walker Evans via Fortune

credit: unknown via Grapehouse

credit: Mike Roberts via Fortune

The CBS News Morning Show's story.

The Daily Mail offers more a reporterly send-off here, including the obligatory Paul Simon song.

The Daily Kos assembles pre-WWII Kodachrome photos from the Library of Congress and the Charles Weever Cushman Collection here.

Photographer Steve McCurry shot 800,000 Kodachrome frames over the past four decades; Vanity Fair slide shows his last roll of the stuff here. And Kodak interviewed him about his transition from kodachrome to ektachrome here. Finally, National Geographic is there when he reconnects in 2002 with the subject of one of the most iconic Kodachrome photos ever.

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