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My recreational web time had slipped into a rut and become wonky and work-like. With an appreciation of the mixing and mashing of images and cultural whatnot, I went in search of a counterweight--something fun but not too frivolous, someplace playful but minus the competition (and dickishness) that pervades many gaming communities. I eventually landed on Tumblr, a "micro-blogging" site that can satisfy the hunter/gatherer impulses familiar to eBay junkies and entertain with the light touch of Twitter. When compared to sites like Pinterest and Instagram, Tumblr's community seemed to post a broader and deeper array of stuff. It also skewed young and didn't shy away from grime. Sampling content that wasn't reaching me through other networks appealed to me, so I dove in.

Screenshot from the KPV archive
I'm not able to offer a complete guide or a deep analysis now, but here are a couple observations.

1) Tumblr’s design and image-heavy nature make international exchange easy. My blog consists of infrequent and idiosyncratic posts, attracting relatively few visitors. I know almost none of the people I 'follow' in real life and the same goes for those who follow me. While most come from North America, a surprising number are based elsewhere.
Google Analytics, visitor location and frequency, kungpowvoodo.tumblr.com, Nov. 2011-July 2013
2) The practice of viewing hundreds of images per day, liking/bookmarking a few, and then reblogging or posting even fewer can reveal latent aesthetic preferences over time. Below are examples of these heretofore hidden preferences and others who enjoy playing this 'match game.' Note my undeniable fondness for:

Portraits of people with roosters

All-girl chess parties (throughout the ages)

Teletubbies acting out Jason Bourne fan fiction
Politicians who don't know the rules of Fight Club

Crumbling oil rigs and abandoned castles
Graffiti written on metal
(Mike about 4:30 and I cut my hair for you)
See, I'm not the only one playing this game.

Some have even discovered evidence of past lives.

Other random notes
I don't wish to leave an idealized impression of Tumblr. I call the company out for being yet another data-harvesting machine here. Also, you can read about how the site has begun segregating its naughtier users here. Update: Tumblr has responded to the censoring NSFW criticism here.

Practical tips: Here's a brief post about Tumblr shortcuts. Scrolling through your dash with the J key (next post) and K key (previous post) rather than scrolling with a mouse is particularly useful. If you would like to view your 'liked' post in an archive-like view rather than a linear scroll, check out this project.

Photo sources from top to bottom, left to right: Rooster 1, Rooster 2, Rooster 3, Chess 1, Chess 2, Teletub 1, Teletub 2, Fight 1, Fight 2, Oil Rig, Castle, Boy, Cat, Door, Seat, Ancient Elvis, GPOYx2


sharock said...

amazing! welcome to tumblr. i did a little of it with see listen project i did with kfarr. you sure you don't wanna pinterest with all the image hoarding you do. ;)

Andy Joe said...

i remember the see listen project! i was starting up as you guys were trailing off.